WCI UMLS® Terminology Browser

This demonstration terminology browser and API is loaded with a subset of the 2024AA UMLS Medical Language System® (UMLS®), a product of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) containing primarily license unrestricted content as well as SNOMEDCT_US and ICD10CM. It serves as a reference deployment for our terminology server platform which can be licensed and is available for immediate use.

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For support, questions, or a guided demo, email: info@westcoastinformatics.com


Fast and Convenient Searching

Quickly and easily search for concepts within a selected terminology:
  • Simple and intuitive text entry to search by name or code
  • Typeahead (autocomplete) for textual searches
  • Filter search results by semantic type
  • Filter search results by "active only" content
  • Support for SNOMED-style ECL querying across all terminologies
  • Search by domain model features like "term type", "lanugage", and more
  • Multiple supported search algorithms tuned for different use cases
  • Spelling correction and acronym expansion
Works well for both simple use cases like code or term lookup as well as advanced search based on subset/value set membership, relationships, and participation in maps.

Navigate Hierarchical Terminologies

Explore hierarchical terminologies and view multiple paths to your search results. Our hierarchical tree view allows you to:
  • Browse a terminology from the top-down, and inspect concepts as you go
  • View and browse all individual paths to any given concept
  • Open and close parents, siblings, and children for any concept

Interact with Subsets, Refsets, ValueSets

Search and browse standard terminology subsets (or value sets). Custom subsets of standard terminologies are also supported to drive specific application use cases.
  • Browse available subsets
  • Search available subsets
  • View and search membership
  • Easily load concept views for members of a subset
  • Local subsets or value sets are supported
  • Simple subset editing features available

Interact with Terminology Mappings

Search and browse mappings between standard terminologies (like SNOMED to ICD10CM).
  • Browse available map sets
  • Search available map sets
  • View and search mappings for a map set
  • Easily load concept views for source or target concepts of a map
  • Local map sets and mappings are supported
  • Simple mapping editing features available

Inspect Terminology Metadata

Switch easily between viewing content and metadata with a click of your mouse. Inspect complete terminology metadata for all loaded terminologies, including:
  • General Info (version, name)
  • Semantic Types
  • Languages
  • Term Types
  • Relationship Types
  • Attribute Names

Customizable Features

The Terminology Server comes with easily overridden defaults for customizable display and function.
  • Rebrandable with logos, header/footer text, copyright, and links
  • Custom authentication/authorization, tuned to requirements of individual organizations
  • Customizable search algorithms for particular terminologies or cases (e.g. NLP)
  • Write custom loaders for unsupported data formats, or tweak the existing loaders for standard formats (Owl, RRF, RF2, ClaML, OMOP), etc.)
  • Create your own landing page, require a custom user license, display a custom login page
  • Customizeable labels for domain model objects (e.g. SNOMED "descriptions")